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First names for this year's edition!


A very first glance at the first names for this year's edition! It's gonna be soooo great!

Our great friends from MASERATI will be back on this year's edition to celebrate their 20th birthday too! We'll also have the amazing … Read more

Get Your Early bird Tickets!


Get your early bird Tickets!

When they're sold out, they'll automatically switch to normal prices!

Trailer for 2023


And this our friends is 2023's trailer! Let's Party!

First Names!

First Names - Here we go!

We're over the moon to welcome : Folly Group (UK) / O. (UK) / Fat Dog (UK) / JW Francis (USA) / Joe & The Shitboys (FO) / Sheebaba (L) / Office Of Weird…

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The Out Of The Crowd Festival is back with it's 19th edition for an all dayer of Indie rock, experimental and underground goodness! Keep your 29th of April free and your eyes peeled for next years edition and get your…

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Dearest Out Of The Crowd Festival lovers! 

We're still extatic about Saturday, it was such a pleasure to welcome you and see you smile, dancing your days and having fun! We'd be nothing without you and the awesome acts we've…

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Full Line-Up

Line-up is complete so get your tickets fast!

Two new names!

Festival is around the corner but still have a couple of surprises for you with the mighty Honey For Petzi and First Mote playing the festival!

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